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Peamutt Balls for doggo's

Peamutt Balls for on-the-go, in-the-park, on-the-beach, in-the-car, or on-the-street, when the doggy did good, there’s always time for a treat. This extra-nutty, extra-mutty treat is made from dog-friendly peanut butter with added peanuts, then mixed with apple and strawberry puree and rolled in even more peanuts for good luck. Made with 100% palm oil free, means what’s good for your dog is good for the environment.

Peanuts (49%), Vegetable Glycerin, Peanut Flour (12%), Chicory Fibre, Concentrated Apple Purée (7%), Chia (Salvia hispanica) Seeds, Strawberry Purée, Natural Flavouring.

Crude Fibres
Fat content
Inorganic matter

A handy treat when you’re on-the-go that can be enjoyed by all dogs aged 4 months and over. Break a ball into smaller pieces for a mini treat or squish a ball around a tablet to disguise your pooch’s medication. We would advise you to make sure you to keep your eyes on your sneaky tail-wagger at all times, when they have their treat, as we cannot accept any responsibility when they scoff the whole bag!! 

Product FAQs

Is Peanut Butter safe for dogs to eat?

Yes it is. Many dogs love the taste of peanut butter and will do anything to get their paws (and tongues) on it. Doggie parents would do well to remember that it is high in fat and only to be used as a treat, reward or enrichment and never to replace your dog's meals.

Will my dog get an upset stomach?

Eating too much of any fat or oil can cause an upset tummy. Some dog’s (like their hoo-mans) are more sensitive to getting an upset stomach from high fat treats. We would advise to start by giving your dog just a small amount of Peamutt Butter and see how they react to it.

Why do you use Palm Oil?

We use a small amount of Palm Oil mixed into a jar of our dog peanut butter (about a teaspoon). This ensures a lovely, smooth texture that is easy to stuff into, spread onto your dog’s favourite toy. Without it, the components within the product will separate and you will end up with oil oozing out of the toys, and onto the floor. Although we’re sure your dog wouldn’t mind giving the floors a lick clean, it’s not a nice mess to have to deal with.

I’ve heard that Palm Oil is toxic to dogs

Palm oil is non-toxic to dogs. You may have heard reports of dog’s being harmed by palm oil that has been washed up on beaches. This occurs when toxic ship fuel mixes with discarded palm oil to create a smelly, jelly-like substance that intrigues a dog’s senses. Although it is very rare to come across such high levels of contamination, it does pose a serious health risk to both people and pets and must be avoided. Top tip for when your pup is playing in the sand: avoid any jelly like substances. This could be the contaminated jelly like substance, or even a jelly fish (which we definitely don’t want our dogs to be sniffing at or eating!)

Is Palm Oil bad for the environment?

We understand that the use of Palm Oil is a complex and controversial concern. Using Palm Oil from unsustainable sources can cause deforestation and habitat loss. Being animal and planet lovers, we are completely against this practise. We use only Certified Sustainable RSPO Palm Oil in our products because supporting ethical usage is the only way to make a difference. We work with major environmental charities and organisations including WWF, Chester Zoo and EFECA to make sure we have a positive impact on our planet.