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Trusted by doggie parents, loved by pooches.

We know that healthy dogs are happy dogs so, we only use natural, healthy ingredients. No hidden nasties here!

Tasty tips and tricks

Psst…the secret ingredient is Peamutt Butter!

Get your best-friend’s treats tasting even more delicious with our range of dog biscuit recipes.

Use this healthy treat to train your pup

Keep your dog out of the doghouse with Peamutt Butter and their favourite toys.

Ever tried Peamutt Butter at bath time?

Yes, you read that right, bath time! Peamutt Butter is the delicious way to keep your pup distracted in the bath.

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What pooch parents say

I offer this in small amounts twice a week to my pup, at which point she goes bonkers for it! I sometimes smear a few blobs on a lick mat, it keeps her happy for ages while I come up for air!


My baby is very sensitive, and this peanut butter hasn’t upset his tummy at all! This product is fab, both the smell and texture. You can mix it with little bits of kibble, and it makes it easy to be able to stuff it in a KONG for a tasty treat.