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About Us

Welcome to Peamutt Butter.

We’re a team with many pup parents who are barking mad about the health and happiness of our doggies. That’s why we’ve created this delicious, natural, healthy peanut butter treat for dogs.

Tried and tested with our own pooches, we can pretty much guarantee your dog will love it as much as ours and this ulti-mutt treat will quickly become your dog’s favourite.

Become a part of Peamutt’s world now!

Meet our little helpers!

Our hoomans all work very hard to make sure Peamutt Butter is the ulti-mutt treat for us to enjoy (and as the taste-testers, we’re not complaining!)

Peamutt the dog


DOG MUM: Sally, Marketing

Swizzels by name, swizzelly by nature. Nuts about birds, splashing in water, running and cuddling. After all that excitement I really love some Peamutt Butter smeared onto a yak stick. When I let her go to work, she tells all the other dog owners how brilliant Peamutt Butter is.

Peamutt the dog


DOG DAD: Richard, Sales

I’m Bella, a Cockapoo and love making new friends in my favourite park. I also love eating, especially things covered in Peamutt. He’s very kind because when he goes to work, he sells Peamutt Butter to lots of other humans, so they can treat their dogs too.

Peamutt the dog


DOG DAD: Tom, Factory Manager

Hello my name is Fred. I love walks so I can get my appetite up to eat lovely Peamutt Butter. I get pretty obsessed with it when it’s spread on a lick mat. Good job my hooman makes oodles of it, he’s the Operations Manager.

Peamutt the dog

Raven, Eric, Stanley, Betty

DOG DAD: Richard – Sales and Marketing Director/Owner

Hello from Eric and the crew. We allow Richard to live with us as long as he remembers to make us some lovely Peamutt Butter Biscuits as a treat. We’re very well behaved when he does!! When we’re not looking after him, oops when he’s not looking after us, he makes sure that all the other dogs can enjoy Peamutt Butter. He invented Peamutt Butter so we’re very proud of him.